Stay in LA

Started to write work log a couple days ago. Try to keep on it.The hackathon finished early yesterday, people showed up there were mainly for social or business promoting but no real hacking, which made me disappointed. But the benefit for me is I got a day for relaxing and making up those left behind [...]

Before the US

Three days before flying to the US, I haven't got my passport back from German visa application process. I sent many emails yesterday, and nobody replied me at the end of the day, which made me worried. Let's see if I'm lucky on Monday. I will meet Brian there, so excited. I can't make the [...]

Our Relationship

Our relationship is super interesting. I hope we will both continue to appreciate it. It's interesting because of how we met, our shared interests, our conflicts of interest, the mix of professional and private, the cross-cultural opportunities and challenges. Feels potent, a little dangerous maybe.-- Him

Thoughts on Rylai Party

We had an inspiring party this afternoon, for celebrating the testnet launch. The party was original planned for old friends those being with our team as well as new friends that we want to involve them in. It's interesting to see people from two worlds -- crypto world and non-crypto developer world -- combined. Everybody [...]