A Close Encounter with Rust Community

-- Things that happened in Asia RustCon Asia (04.20-23 Beijing, China) came to a successful conclusion after 1.5 days talks and 2 days workshops, with senior developers in production. We are so happy to see people were enjoyed in the experience from talks and meeting new and old friends as well. Many attendees were not [...]

About Europe and Management

Happy we finally talk. I will meet rustaceans again! It's the important year for us, we want to go closer to our communities, to build deeper connections. Except two offices in San Francisco and HZ, China, we start to have folks in Europe and Canada, who will help with research and developer communities' building. Compare [...]

Start Management Seriously

Start to reorganize our team, and focus on managing for professional performance. I expected much from the team at the very beginning, I thought everybody is mature enough to handle things on their own, which actually resulted in less forcing themselves to perform better. It's interesting that if there is nobody checks the outputs, then there is [...]