Thoughts on Community Building (WIP)

Update: 7th Jan.

I try to write thoughts and share them in real time to push myself to deliver real value. Start with this post as a demo.

What I want to mention: Rust, open source, blockchain, developers, money, business, ecosystem.

I met Rust because of Nervos, then joined in the Rust community because of RustFest Rome 2018. We had soon organized RustCon Asia 2019 in Beijing and it went very well, read more about at A Close Encounter with Rust Community.

There is a word that a good product doesn’t need community. Examples as Uber, Amazon, etc.

I disagreed and think community is important to many business. For example, Amazon might doesn’t have the “community”, but they have customers who wrote comments for those products and brought the valuable references to other customers. I would call this as a community.

But I agree that a good product doesn’t need to build community before shipping the product because they are confident enough to gather their community soon and shape the product faster as community expectations.

Blockchain differs from other mature industries, people are excited for it, and willing to find the killer app, great UX and real use cases as soon as possible. Years past, the progress doesn’t seem good.

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