RiB 2020 (WIP)

Update: 7th Jan

RiB has been running for 7 months, and it goes fairly well. Rust and blockchain are new topics that difficult to expect many contributors to this niche community.

About 2019 recap, I did some but haven’t finished so far (too busy). Will gather the learning resources or some other important information from former newsletters and put them to a stable page for an easy read.

I need help to make more basic newsletter editing work automatically soon. It’s boring to search updates, but also, it’s interesting to see those differences and changes in those projects, which brings me new ideas and thoughts.

(Intro more.)

I’m wondering to do a monthly/bi-weekly dev call recently, which brings crypto or rust devs together for the development experience sharing as a faster way. Blockchain engineering always on doing research and development which is quite different from traditional software development. In blockchain world, there is no real book can teach you how to develop on something step by step, there is no standard there, those so-called blockchain developers are mostly self learned by building things from scratch, and they don’t really have time to prepare any educational material, a constant online meeting may be an efficient way of learning.

Topic cover:

People in those areas:

How to organize it, how to record and reproduce those knowledges?

How to reach out more developers?

Can we find a great use case in this area?

More experiment

How about plan a RiBconf at the end of 2020? If the RiB got enough financial support, then we do the conf, if not, then delay the conf to 2021.

It’s the way to see if the community is mature enough or capable enough to make it happen.

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