Before the US

Three days before flying to the US, I haven’t got my passport back from German visa application process. I sent many emails yesterday, and nobody replied me at the end of the day, which made me worried. Let’s see if I’m lucky on Monday.

I will meet Brian there, so excited. I can’t make the RIB newsletter without his help, especially his deep thinking and strong opinions, and the way he left the space to my voice. Also, my first RIB meetup in San Francisco can not happen without his support. So glad.

His work log still looks interesting to me, and I love almost all his articles, too well read. I wish some day I can produce the same level posts — should make time for practicing. And I still believe we can create some great and interesting things together. Looking forward to it.

About work

There must be something wrong with me that I took more works for myself, so that I couldn’t have any free time for anything out of work. A little bit worried about hurting my brain. lol.

I got a HR manager on board this week, was happy at that moment. Now I need to hire other roles and build my new team. It’s tiring. With a ton of marketing works on hand, now I am starting a new position which I wasn’t familiar with. Good luck to myself.

New things I want to try recently

Shopping together, hiking together, and talking.

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