Progress and Directions

I may choose this way by myself, and my boss found that potential then leave enough space for me, which I didn’t expect.

We agreed on wanting A-class people, but not B or C level, and we need to find a way to get in touch with the networks where A-class people are. I’m excited about getting connections with them.

About team management, I still think if all team members are A-class people, we don’t really need a manager for a team because of everybody’s great self-control. I don’t want to waste my time on building connections or managing lower level employees those who don’t have the necessary ability of self-management — no need to mention professional can-do attitude for their works.

RIB Progress Recap

RIB (Rust in Blockchain) newsletter publishing went well, it was Brian who wrote the introduction, and then he commented on the Reddit channel for supporting right after I published it. Even though it got some downvote from Reddit Rust channel, as Brian told me from the data he can see, there at least 40% of (might be viewed) people have interests in blockchain technology and development, but there are also some people downvoted pretty hard, and the only comment besides were ones arguing beside the point. Interesting.

It surprised me that most audience who read the page was Chinese, then American, Berlin where I expect more readers because there are tons of Rust contributors didn’t show any interests on RIB from the google analytics data. There are page views from Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, England, and other countries; there is more or less the same number of views.

Our of expectation, a Rust developer found I didn’t fully cover rust & blockchain projects, so he shared and then transferred his repo of rust projects and libraries to the RIB org on GitHub.

RIB SF meetup group has a growing membership of 40, including me while Berlin group only has 20 members. However, I have confidence in this niche area and plan monthly meetups in the two cities — San Francisco and Berlin. It’s lucky to have Rust community leaders for help.

The first RIB meetup will be held in San Francisco in July. I am looking forward to it.

The Next Step

I made work, and it will be a new publication for layer 2 projects/startups in the blockchain world. It will be not only developer oriented but also tech leaders who have interests in this area and start to invest time or money here. This publication should be a reference for them, to share layer 2 projects updates, and some opinions may be.

It’s interesting to see the website already got many visits, most of them are from American, which brings me more confidence. I’m sure it will support future business corporations.

Mike helps a lot with these ideas, and he might be the one I can share everything. I’m glad to have his support.

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