RIB will Come Out Soon

It was an accident to come out with RIB (Rust in blockchain) publication. I even forgot when and how the idea started. Someday after RustCon Asia, I had the idea of creating a channel to let people feel free to talk about blockchain development in Rust community. After talking to some of Rust developers in and out of China, with Florian’s suggestion and help with introducing to new friends, the idea formed.

I kept brainstorming with different people, including Rust developers and blockchain fans. It was excited to get feedback, even though sometimes the feedback wasn’t positive. Thanks to my friends Florian, Antonio, Ben, Alexandra, Brian, Mike, Ash for helping with content forming, references, questions, and suggestions. Thanks for all your support!

I would like to recap those thoughts:

Answer the question: who are your audiences?

There are multiple potential audiences here: developers who write for specific blockchain platforms, developers of those platforms, developers of/for opposing projects, and general rust developers.

What do developers care?

New features, changes to existing features, and important bug fixes; Second, changes that impact the dev experience, like build system changes, changes to the development process; The third and fourth might be the tech being used, engineering changes, like specific libraries being imported, or patterns being adapted.


Cover those blockchain projects written in Rust would be useful.

Blog posts targetting the rust community showing how much Rust is used in the blockchain world would spur more interest.

This week in Rust has a very simple formula that takes the main editor like an hour to write each week, and then other contributors send in patches for what they think is important. Set up a “draft” of the next immediately after the publication of the previous so people can start patching in their links.

The editors of This-week-in-Rust aren’t going to great lengths to explain the PRs, so a lot of them require deep Rust knowledge to understand.

At last, you won’t get many contributors until you’ve established a reputation.

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