Build Tomorrow from Now

New Changes

We will have a global marketing guy on board soon, who will lead teams from America and China, which sounds cool.

Way of Management

I like the way of management at the moment that tries to make tasks in a standard way first, and then scale them. It still needs courage and execution to address it in our team.

Rust in Blockchain Publication

Started monthly newsletter, and I had brainstormed with Alexandra and Ben from Parity, Brian from Rust community (and this week in rust newsletter), they helped with the content structure a lot. When I had a first sample draft, my colleagues Ash and Haichao also gave me very well feedback which shape the content much better and clear. 

As Brian mentioned he could image a Rust in Blockchain conference someday, and I got more confidence in that, so I quickly created Rust in Blockchain meetup groups in San Francisco and Berlin and got new members joined in groups soon — people care! And I even got email subscribers! 

I add more plans to my European community schedule and some activities for in America, including Rust in Blockchain meetup in Berlin and San Francisco during July and August. Let the community, as well as the publication, grow together. 

It’s harder than I thought, and I will still make it. The first monthly newsletter will be published on June 6th, the first Thursday of June. 

You Choose Your Future

It was an unexpected dinner with Kevin, he missed his flight so he came back and we met in Alex’ restaurant for a drink. Because at that time neither of us want food after full day meetings and non-stopped discussions.

I don’t talk to people much unless it’s a need, for example for marketing works. And I don’t like meetings. So I only had one on one discussion with Kevin for about three or four times in one year, and I enjoyed all of them. 

We talked about management, the future of our project, and each others’ experience. 

Before his startup Launch School , Kevin was working for IBM. One time he had a meal with his mentor, asked about the career future in IBM, his mentor intended to help and guide him, introduced how to upgrade his rank whatever like how many years you need and how the position and jobs will be. Kevin looked at his mentor and didn’t see any exciting part from him, so that started his startup’s career later on.

Same to me, I had a chance to settle down but I didn’t. I couldn’t imagine my future would be a day to day boring working and sounds balance life. We are the persons who want to do interesting things, even they would be hard and frustrated.

At least we enjoy the journey.

Developer Community

Kevin asked me what kind of developers do I want, to develop on CKB or contribute to CKB. I want developers who contribute to CKB, that means I should start with Rust developers; Or just because I already know some Rust community so that I want them to contribute to CKB? I’m not sure.

Both of them are difficult. For developers who can develop on CKB, they might already program on Ethereum or other public blockchain protocol, they wouldn’t have spare time for another protocol based development. Also, incentives are more important for them, they are kind of startups that need to find chances to get rich or freedom toward their projects. That’s true.

Friends in Rust community actually not that open to blockchain technology, or someone even doesn’t mind blockchain but doesn’t like to affect money stuff by code. But well, I don’t need the whole community, I just need some important ones, those wise and have their own insights on things and engineering.

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