Thoughts on Rylai Party

We had an inspiring party this afternoon, for celebrating the testnet launch. The party was original planned for old friends those being with our team as well as new friends that we want to involve them in.

It’s interesting to see people from two worlds — crypto world and non-crypto developer world — combined. Everybody in the crypto world knows “to the moon,” which we used for toast, while the other part attendees don’t know. It’s totally like jokes in development that only for developers who can program, but not for others that don’t know how to program. So if you want to understand the world more, experience it more in-depth.

At the same time, it also showed me that how hard to bring rust developers to the crypto world; it’s not only about the technology but about the mindset of another kind of technology that different from before. So people can’t imagine a typical use case or any abstraction models.We can find a ton of videos and articles about blockchain explanation, but no real simple ones which resolve the doubts in your mind.

Take the P2P network as an example, developers have no problem with understanding it, and they can learn it by just programming. And for some algorithms, developers also need to spend time on practicing. Developers would like to try new technologies once they know what the goal is. I guess the main problem is, for developers, they don’t know what the blockchain is used for. And they might have no interest in wasting their time on useless toys.

So, how can I release the stories from the blockchain world to the developer’s world? Why would blockchain be an essential chance to realize their dreams? How can I connect blockchain to their daily life or just thoughts?

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