Start New Projects

Inspired by many people recently, especially found that from the way of asking for help.

I didn’t expect Brian has interests in our VM, but he has, and he was serious that checked the GitHub and wrote down his comment and suggestions right after going back to the US. I was too excited to see his folk yesterday. We need a brilliant guy like him, who has a full view of system programming, especially in Rust. And I particularly like his attitude to high standards of works.

On the other hand, I just started a newsletter plan — Rust in Blockchain. I have been talked to some of Rust developers in Europe and got support very fast. Former friends those I met in Rome introduced me to other great and famous ones in Berlin, and they already have all the resources that they even can do it on their own. Hope we will build it together! I believe I will meet more of them on the way of progress.

There are tons of works to do that I found that even cannot have enough time for welcoming newcomers in our team. Everybody has to work on their own to find solutions, which is actually a good sign.

I’m just preparing for the August in Berlin. It will be a long time party.

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