These Disorderly Days

It has been full of meetings and chaos this week since we changed the way of management, for task distribution from the top to divided groups self-management. Then we can see some people are confused that don’t know what to do, and somewhat lost the direction; some other ones are happy that the “finally” got their own rights that they can use on others. It’s interesting to see what is happening.

My job is to leave space to the team, and keep things in order. Which means I might need more time to make things done because everyone needs time to express their opinions and sometimes force others to accept.

I do hope that should not be my full-time job, and fortunately, I still stick on my dream of expanding dev communities. That’s also the thing I am proud of myself that I can find talents from dev communities.

Too much information

Meet new resources these days and even couldn’t have time to reply an email; Had interviewed about 6 persons for the team, finally chose 2 interns and 1 community guy; Meetings one by one, to do list has been growing and might grow forever.

News and lies about crypto worlds that another famous exchange had been hacked again, then influencers post their support voice. All the things look like totally a trap.

Crypto projects and media start to active again, that too many events and celebrations and more other whatever events, for existing. Crypto communities from different areas have different information that difficult to find it out true or false.

Too less knowledge

After topics of work and visiting new country, my guest and colleagues had the conversation that not about work or crypto anymore this evening. Then we started round by round random questions and answers, such as “do you into….”, “how about ….”, “what does …. like” and so on, with beer. And I found I didn’t read a lot of other books recently and couldn’t find any deeper memory on that knowledge.

The only thing I can talk would be the things I practice daily for years, for example, coffee. So be aware of what you actually do everday.

I brought out my old books about management, hope I can still learn from rereading them. Try to practice more and write experience down, it will help with memory.

To read more books, but not only articles.

Be patient and rethink what I am doing

Be patient on the documentation I am writing, if I can not write things down precisely, it only means I didn’t think clearly.

Give time to the team for the micro management, and only adjust when is needed.

Spend more time to focus on less things and important people, but not distract myself. One poster only spread one important voice.

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