Community building takes time and efforts

We have been busy for about two months because of RustCon Asia, and my team helps a lot. 

It’s the first Rust China community conference in China (and Asia), we started this project only two months before it happens. After the website ( launched, we started to send many cold emails to Rust projects for the sponsorship as well as networks we already had from the community. Until now, we haven’t got enough financial support so that Cryptape and PingCAP will cover most of the costs, which makes this conference happen.

I hate to organize a conference since it’s always tiring, but I do hope we can organize it every year later on. From the business partners’ cooperation and full support from Rust China community, I feel all our efforts are worth it (even it hasn’t started yet).

From organizing RustCon Asia, we wrote many articles about the speakers which made the community enjoyed so much, especially those content spread a lot brought newcomers with a closer distance to see Rust community and brought developers confidence when they are learning and coding. You really can play code and enjoy Rust programming, do not be afraid of it. The community is just too welcome.

Rust Europe community was surprised to see those articles and happy to see interesting things happened on other developers. Ana said it can not happen without permission in Canada and Europe. So we might say we are lucky in China. And we connected the developer community in China once again. One of my boss who has been active in open source said, Rust community nowadays in China is quite similar to Ruby China’s old days, that full of intelligent people and interesting ideas.

It’s interesting to see the influence we achieved that we didn’t expect while force ourselves writing and promoting the conference. My colleagues are totally dropped in the rabbit hole and can’t stop digging more. Hence, the more we involved, the deeper we love the community.

I have much to say about my work, but unfortunately not enough time for myself recently. Looking forward to RustCon Asia next weekend, and start to work on new projects. Keep moving. 

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