Crypto world and Productivity

Ideas of crypto world

It takes time to observe what the smartest leaders’ opinions in the crypto world, the second round people follow. We can see that people start to discuss more on crypto’s store of value design, and why it’s a need. 

It’s also very interesting to read their discussions on Twitter threads. Compare with reading papers, tweets are absolutely the fastest way to know the trend of ideas in the world.

Papers are the content I love the most, that helps with solving my concerns and coming with the right questions. Once you understand the fundamental logic behind phenomena, you will step into a more deep level that closer to wisdom.

About self-management 

I never have enough time to finish my work and other things I want to do, such as reading more papers and writing.

After cutting many unnecessary relationships or networks, I already can focus on present works and learning. As time is limited for all of us, who can use time efficiently will be more productivity. That would be one of my next round of goals.

Arrange works and objectives, prioritize them. To achieve the highest level of productivity, I need to schedule high-priority tasks during my most energetic times.

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