Grateful to have a Strong Heart that Takes Responsibilities

I am still in a young team that team members are busy with routine works but not agile enough to react on emergent issues. One of my friends said because most people don’t experience much as I did, and they do not expect to take more responsibility. Even she doesn’t want to. If people could choose a more comfortable life, why should they force themselves for difficulties and obstacles?

Well, it sounds correct. And there are many examples that people can live better without working too hard — I guess all the brights are showed on the news and other media platforms because of rarely existence. First level thinkers thought they might have the same luck, do just wait without any risks.

The second level thinkers those think the situation deeper can see situations in a whole, how about the other parts that were not on the news? How about your friends around? Or how to make those lucks you want? So to speak, there is no free lunch in the world even that you might need to earn your own luck.

I am actually a negative person, think life is hard as always. I would think that all the risks would happen before implementing a project. And I wasn’t confident in myself on new issues that I can handle well, that makes me nervous most of the time, worrying for everything — also not good.

The confidence is built on the things I have experienced, which takes time and chances. It will raise as long as I try more. Just be brave enough.

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