In Progress

Didn’t expect GitHub brings me enjoyment. I joined in the project of awesome layer2, and awesome crypto economics, but didn’t contribute a lot at that time. Later on, I pulled a request for English documentation to driftluo’s P2P network. Three days ago, I started to ask Rust community folks to post issues and PRs directly to RustConAsia project. It was fun to see those even small contributions, the most important thing is, people joined. I also start to contribute a little bit but not only ask others to do the work. I am feeling good.

Brian is working on Rust education project and wants to combine Rust China community to the global channel. He tries to talk to and have conversations with the core team, who maintain the discord platform. It’s really great to see those efforts. It’s not easy to build a bridge. People can not see any benefit from the bridge before they can really benefit from it. Capable people make it happen.

Florian joined the core team, which is exciting news. He starts to arrange a governance team for Rust community, to bring people from around the globe on the governance team so that subcommunities are properly represented and can also give input to new processes that allow them to be more involved. I am eager to join in. It’s a pity that he can not come to China for my conference this time since he has been planned to travel to China for five years. But we will finally meet again either in Berlin or in China. He is a great guy I want to know more.

Antonio helps a lot even he is not in our team, he provides information and feedback to me and reminds me of many details of the conference. I should push him to apply a talk before, and now it’s late that we might not consider more speakers from overseas.

We didn’t expect there are more than ten speakers come from other countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Berlin, and India, only one-third of the total are in China, which raises the budget too much, and I can’t find any chance to save the cost. Being under the pressure from the two organizer companies as well as speakers (for not enough reimbursement), work gets tough, but sometimes it’s happy to see that speakers’ companies would like to pay for the trip as a way of supporting.

And I am happy to know Ana more from the collaboration, have learned the way of cross timezone and culture as well as different expectation cooperation. She is nice and cute. The deeper I involve in the project, the more I enjoyed, even those enjoyment are generated from all the hard details. Always excited when we find solutions.

I got many supports from China community, qq groups and wechat groups, people help with the conference promotion in China and other countries. I met new friends from these local groups even many of them based overseas. 

Keep up the amazing work! So do you.

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