When Missing the Old Moment

I miss many pieces of moments I had with people, such as the morning coffee moment, breakfast moment, and sitting at the same cafe but work on different things moment, a lot more sweet things in my mind. My balcony turns to be the thinking space again since the weather gets warmer, the place that allows me to float thoughts freely without interruption. Lol.

About memory

Time passes, while looking back, it was evident that all my skills are learned from painful experience but not knowing from reading or being taught. Happiness help with enjoyment but not deeper thinking, not system upgrading, but it helps with confidence, that let you feel free and brave enough to take risks. However, the ability of really taking responsibility depends on how hard the problem you solved but not escape from — you can never learn anything from escaping. As Churchill said, a man is as big as what makes him angry. You will manage your emotion very well once you are capable of dealing with hard and complicated difficulties.

So that good leaders should let their members experience more but not only saying or teaching things that they think right. Only consultants do teach without practice, which showed in their behavior that they talk a lot but without project experience in their weak characters.

Memories are the same as a consultant to me, which shows suggestions and daydreams, but no practical works. It helps nothing but maybe let you feel comfort sometimes. Fates depend on what types of connections we have and eager to connect. I miss the happy moments I had but do not want to repeat that history.

About courage

Changing is hard to insist on. We have too long lives but not enough courage when we were born. For example, a plant grows fast from the seed, because the only goal is surviving in the dark. It needs sunshine and water as supports for building stronger, which like courage generation from family or friendship for human beings. We can not grow up without it. Once it’s mature enough, it will gather sunshine from its leaves and water from its root, generates courage independently, keeps growing and stronger, leads to fruity results.

Healthy plants have their value and easy to contribute the benefit to others, as friends will provide more support to you once they have their value. To be sure to stay with the ones independent, it’s the essential condition to work on together on changes and future that are uncertain.

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