About Europe and Management

Happy we finally talk. I will meet rustaceans again!

It’s the important year for us, we want to go closer to our communities, to build deeper connections. Except two offices in San Francisco and HZ, China, we start to have folks in Europe and Canada, who will help with research and developer communities’ building.

Compare with bitcoin community, Ethereum community is much more active in Europe, especially in Berlin, where easy to find crypto meetups, and most of them are organized by Ethereum based projects or investors. I guess bitcoin enthusiasts are doing research more than community events, you can see from the bitcointalk.org.

I’m exited about crypto developers in Berlin, friends in America and some new friends from Europe told me that Berlin has the best great developers and developer communities here. If you want to run a hackathon or some developer events, Berlin of course should be the first option. I have confidence in it too.

On the way with RustCon Asia in April and CKB’s testnet launch soon, it is the right time to prepare events and connections in Europe. Really looking forward to the journey.

About daily management work

Standards should be settled before scaling. This week, we were working on very basic documentations for newcomers, let them know where to start and how to process step by step, and the standard of delivery.

The other important part is managing expectations, either oneself’s or colleagues, and sometimes business partners’. I have been thinking these days, manage different expectations is a very important way of managing all parties to work on the same directions, that focus on making things done.

I found out that even I mentioned our purpose many times, there were still people couldn’t understand what they are gonna to do. Then that would come with emotions and distrust, which are not good for collaboration.

Management is different than years before, simple works are replaced by machines, human beings stay for other works that can not be define to standards easily. Managers also need to follow up the new trend that the way of managing machines are no longer efficient nowadays.

Before manage people’s expectations, we need to listen and understand their mindset, to find out what to they expect and the ideas they have. Learn from them and reorganize information for different identities — sounds like customized — guide the team to its primary direction.

Working on it.

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