Start Management Seriously

Start to reorganize our team, and focus on managing for professional performance.

I expected much from the team at the very beginning, I thought everybody is mature enough to handle things on their own, which actually resulted in less forcing themselves to perform better. It’s interesting that if there is nobody checks the outputs, then there is no motivation for people to finish the output.

We started with a meeting (I hate meeting) I planned last night. I posted the agenda in the morning, let folks know we are going to plan on things. We need reasonable standards at least, we need strong and fast execution, to prove our ways either right or wrong but not keep guessing.

In my mind, people are resources, they are different shapes of blocks. There exists brilliant people with special shapes cooperate together very well, but wake up, it’s not my team and rarely to meet one. Then I just sit back to reality and think about how to shape our “interfaces”– we set four teams: visuals, content generation, media channels, and operation channels. Each team has its own process management that defines teams’ input and output standards which I called interface.

Interesting thing is, nobody has real experience in these areas, but our system still works, then just try again and try harder. I believe in the potential of human beings as well as naturally lazy. Then let’s set a standard for ourselves first, I will be sure to push hard on that.

Well, the only thing that makes me relax is, we finally agreed on kicking low performance and no space to grow persons out. Great team is based on excellent individuals, the management would be for helping with productivity but not for teaching one on one for very basic jobs . I still hate management. Let’s see how long time I can stand. 

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