Learned from Product Managers

Nate and Ry both are product managers.


Explained to Nate what blockchain is. I gave an example that permissioned blockchain allows us three on the same network but not for others. Public blockchain doesn’t have that limitation, people are free to join or quit as well as open to create another new chain on it or to be a node. Quite like the internet for people, we call it the next generation internet, the web3.

Technologies grow fast, how to make sure the infrastructure still useful after five or ten years?

The flexibility that unbinds any fixed algorithm, which supports upgrade freely by adding new smart contracts or protocols for the new era in the future. Check the architecture, VM design and algorithm functions implementations.

Need to write down clearly at this part.

From their opinions

People don’t care about your function or how great you are said to be, they care about the usage. Google’s UI design and Apple’s introduction let people know how convenient to use their product, and how cool when you use them, but not how great the architecture inside.

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