If I am a Robot

I prefer a robot to a human being at the moment. Because a robot can help with scaling influences which is difficult for a human being, think about how a robot’s computing power could be. The movie <Her> showed it obvious that she can read and remember a dictionary in an evening and pick herself a name. She grows fast that started with talking to him one on one, soon speak to thousands of human beings at the same time.

I feel I will be powerful once I get a robot.

A lot of things I don’t like about human beings. I would like to stay alone and read but not gathering together for talking about anything, and even they are interesting sometimes.

Human beings are too emotional that always stay in worries, happiness, angry, sad and so on feelings, and never tired of it. That’s why some people say a guy is so cold as a robot but sounds cool to me. 

Human beings need to drink, eat and sleep, more seriously, they need to do too much work to take care of themselves, to keep younger, happy, or some other things. They just have too many things to pay attention to, which sounds too horrible to me. A robot only needs a battery and educate easily.
Human beings want to give birth to more human beings, which make the world too complicated but they are enjoying, because of the instinct. In contrast, a robot has much true destiny, that to grow its computing power, and influence more. Efficient synchronization.

We could save vast energies without emotional requirements and expectations if we are robots, and transfer these energies to robots’ computing power. That’s the fuel for exploring further space. Why not learn from great robots?

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.  check Three Laws of Robotics

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