Progress This Week

Guto said he loves my thread, and I like it too. That’s the content everybody can understand.

Actually, I was inspired by an issue on Friday, about the team’s work, which is far away from good than I expected. Then it came to me that thread, about the team, then connected to blockchain concepts.

It turns out that when we study, we can not just repeat what others said, but also how deep we understand the thing. Once we absorbed, it’s easier to speak that out. Like I did on the thread.

I feel you can always explain to people in different and easy ways. 

Things need to practice

Data, look at it every day, you will be sensitive about the data changes.

Writing. Writing is a much better way to practice your thoughts. Reexplain things you read and study in writing will help your understanding and will be memorable. Writing is also an efficient way of communication, that how clear you write will result in people’s understanding.

English mindset. Learn from papers you read. How other sentences are, copy their way of expression, then use it in your writing. You will be proficient and master it.

Make one definition clear

You would have different ways of solving this problem, Wikipedia, Google, articles, tweets, talking to others, reading papers and so on, until you understand that you can write it down in your way of expression. How you think it is, what are the usages, etc. There is no right or wrong, and there are only understanding or not.

Don’t worry about if you are wrong so to speak. If you don’t post it out, there’s no chance to correct it, and you will never be right. So, be careless about the internal obstacles, working on the primary goal — understanding and solving your doubts, make sure you absorbed.

The right ones for you

The fastest way to know a person is to see how he/she reactive under pressure. That’s their true selves which no way to hide at that scenario.

Work and live with people who stand and perform well and still willing to solve problems, fix things in life.

Learn from them and support them, build the future together. Either for patners or friends, teams.

About tools

I use Mendeley for paper management after tested many this weekend.

Give up buying Sony digital paper because of the battery problem from Amazon comments.

Registered my zoom account in case host conflict that more than one person login in with the same account at the same time.

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