The Dream of Doing Research

Great minds are alike, great people attract each other. Still, believe it.
It’s my luck to join this organization and help it grow. It’s pretty challenging to me because of no background knowledge backed. Also, I am not so satisfied with my slow progress, that I haven’t confident enough to explain our business in details, particularly in protocol development. Mike said I’m too critical to myself, should encourage more often. lol.

I am enjoy reading papers and writing. To see your output with others’ feedback and communicate on valuable things are too enjoyable. I feel I don’t have time to do anything else. My boss suggested Ren’s colleague in Belgium after I told colleagues that I still want to do some kind of research, and maybe earn a Ph.D. by the way. Sounds a nice dream, will work on it.

As Mike said, articles are usually an entry point, if it sparks an interest people will usually delve deeper into research papers etc. I think I am just like that state, and teams are the same as well. I like talking to them, you can feel their wisdom gushed forth from their concise and lively words. Alway can learn things from them. They read a lot even busy, and share content all the time. You just cannot imagine that people can just read our content for a whole day without doing anything else.

I am sure it’s exactly the right direction I want. 

Others need to be done

I’m good at making things done as well as teamwork pushing, and resource management. The more complex the situation is, the more obvious it shows in the process arrangement and results. Do not waste this ability, use it to help others grow, and the organization’s scaling. Turn efforts to the assets for the organization.

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