Difficult with Focusing

I got an hour for paper reading today, already happy enough. There are so many good quality papers which spoilt for choice.
You need to manage papers once you found out that is difficult to find the exact one. So now comes with a tool to help with organizing. Somehow, it’s the same as management in an organization. I would have a lot to say if dive deep in management or leadership, whatever sounds high-level names. lol.

About business travel

It’s really annoying to travel with China’s passport, especially this time for Taipei meetup. I didn’t expect we at mainland need two permission for this travel, that turns out that maybe I do not have enough time for all the process. I was joking about that, the country will arrange the trip for me this time.
It only took me less than one week for a visa to Europe but may need a month for Taipei. Interesting country.

About writing

Bloomberg mentioned Nervos today, the description is actually simple, but not suitable for technical people I think. It said, “Nervos is like the digital security certificates and secure transmission protocols for Internet safety. It offers the security features of a blockchain without overhead that makes Bitcoin and other global blockchains slow as usage grows. Users keep most data on fast local blockchains or on private shared databases, Nervos only collects aspects essential for security and contract enforcement.”

Maybe simple for those who don’t know much about blockchain technology. Journalists’ articles are worth learning sometimes.

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