Find Strength Inside

Finally, my pull request was merged in p2p library. Happy! Got support from our developers for either translation of special words, or markdown correcting. check the p2p library introduction  The library owner said, he just can’t stop working, me too.

I learned the trie concept in Ethereum by chance, that one of my colleagues marked the word and asked on quip. And I can’t remember where I saw that word before, so I searched it again and found an article solved my questions. The most important concepts are: state trie is for Ethereum account and storage trie is for smart contracts. Read the article

About marketing email, I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to send emails to people that only my colleagues met but not me. The special friend in Berlin said, if that is illegal he would be in prison because of sending emails for the conference. I am relaxed now.

Still, be nice to the team, back them always, whatever happens. Respect their decisions and support them, but not force them for any “rules”. No authority. People should have their freedom in the team and focus on productive and output delivery.

Everyone has the right to have dreams.

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