Why do you need to be Managed but not Led

Frustrated with my work today, it took my whole day for checking states and following up the progress of tasks. You would doubt yourself if you can’t finish your planned work every day, which exactly my feeling these days. I wonder, why the follow-up work takes me so long time and energy?
Three reasons:

  • Low delivery level
  • Low executive ability
  • Low sense of responsibility

You can find these on any no motivated employees. Lead or manage a team with people with serious problems as above is like moving a car forward without gasoline. Of course, it’s tiring.

From what I have known that most capable people can solve problems on their own, either better communication skills that get cooperation from colleagues or business partners, or take ownership and deliver commitments. You even don’t need to care what they are doing, they can see the progress and effort they made. Leaders exist for capable people, those who know to move automatically for the consistent goal.

But for the three-low trait employees, they can not do any work without a decent manager — Yes, a manager but not a leader. The poor manager needs to follow up all the details and chaos from the team, to make WBS for a project and assigns to team members because members don’t know how to work. And they would not intend to find any way of solving problems that they can’t see. So they do need a manager to take care of all the things around them. Yep, that’s a manager’s daily job. As my aspect, a manager is more like a baby sitter.

So examine yourself, what kind of team you are in? Do you think you are managed or led? 

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