Experience this Week

About news and information

There are a vast of news and information online from crypto projects, they are eager and can’t stop creating news so people won’t forget them easily. I wanted to do it too, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough useless “news” for the public. What I want to provide is content that valuable but not only words.

So instead of “keep active” purpose, I would like to put my energy into absorbing knowledge and make it easy and fun for others, which is valuable output. Even I haven’t found a better way until now, still, need more time for trying. So good that crypto is new for the public that we could produce more useful content than we can expect. There are a lot more details we can share with others.

For example, Jan’s articles on crypto assets and cell model explanation, Xuejie’s articles on RISC-V and CKB-VM details, and Kevin’s economy paper as well as Ren’s consensus paper. There is a large amount of information, which is too much for me and team to work on.

About social media

At the very beginning, we thought it’s easy to operate a twitter, which just keeps post things there. Maybe it still works this way, but it’s not our way of gathering audiences or building connections.

As I mentioned above, our team is delighted to provide useful products and information to audiences but not activities. Before the product launching, what we can do is posting content that helps with better understanding the crypto world and the product Nervos. Also, we advocate engineering, hope to find a way of scaling Twitter operating. Provide valuable content should be the basic code of conduct. Better if the content is easy to read for others, we will work hard on that.

About cooperation remotely

Since I have to cooperate with teams across different time zones, my working time actually gets longer. The first couple of weeks are not easy once there is a new timezone team is added in. The primary goal of working for me is to manage my energy of concentrating and communications efficiency.

I haven’t done well enough on either of them at the moment. I need to cut the edge of stuff, to learn how to assign part of jobs to others, and follow up easily — need to practice, and manage my expectations. Then try to switch clear enough information for narrow communication channel as emails. Third, try to really concentrate on the content at the right time.

Do not worry too much. Things always change as the way you do not expect, I should get used to it, and accept the results. And the most important thing need to practice, patience.

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