Just Happy

I’m so happy I have been at RustFest in Rome last time, it was lucky that I could stay for more than three days, even though most of the time was busy working in a cafe.

I met Enrico, Antonio, Florian, Ana, Damiano, and some other ones that I talked to. Didn’t expect that we could meet or talk again so soon, especially couldn’t imagine that we are still connected. It’s so moved to see Enrico retweeted and shared my first and horrible article, and Antonio is so nice and replied to me as well. And Damiano said he understands what I am saying. lol. Also, I got colleagues helped with the article done and China community gave me feedback on that.

I saw Florian helps RustCon Asia promotion and the same as his team as well as Rust team. Rust community must be the most welcoming one in the world. The clearer the better, which is reasonable. We gathered together for Rust, we are building things together.

Life is changing, we need to work hard for our luck. Once you are independent and self-helped, people around you will support you more, because they can feel their strength from helping you. Mike said it makes him very proud that I wrote the article. And he praised me that languages aren’t easy at all, it’s a huge accomplishment. Happy we had a very spiritual conversation.

We have the confidence to conquer everything when there is hope.

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