What I will work on for the next few days


If you are a holder, would you like to lend your CKB to others, or put it to the DAO?
Does a holder want more income/value rise/CKB rise in a linear way, or just better than DAO?
If Alice prefers to investment activities, do you think she would care more of layer 2 and protocol projects? or do you think she would care financial smart contract more?
What the incentives for holders, what makes them want to stay and hold CKB longer?

While you are a miner, what makes you choose CKB but not other tokens?
What do you expect the price will be at the very beginning? What the price will turn to be? How much do you care, and how long you would stick to CKB mining?
Do you think CKB is valuable, why and how to measure from your aspect?
Do you care projects that embedded on CKB, why? and how do you care, what will you do if anything wrong?
Do you have confidence in the ecosystem? What do you expect to see soon?

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