Finally, the Tito ticket link works today!

It is interesting that PayPal asks a proof for the connection between Company name and the address, and the required files could be bank reconciliation or utility bill and some similar bills in six months. But in China (or at least in Hangzhou) these bills are no longer show address details, there is no way to prove in the required files. Then I uploaded an invoice with the company name and address and even the bank account. But PayPal denied said it’s not acceptable. So I tried to upload bank reconciliation exported from an excel, with the company name, soon it worked! I could not believe it. Can I call it humanized process?

Anyway, Tito link for RustCon Asia works. People out of China can buy tickets now. I wanted to buy a ticket from Tito link for testing but failed, because PayPal doesn’t allow Chinese buyers and sellers trade through it. I don’t know if it according to some laws. So just hope it would be fine.

Finished the rust article already made me very happy this morning, waiting for others’ review, in case some technical mistakes. And I don’t want to read it again. Good thing is, on the way of preparing the content (not only for rust), I become more sensitive to content and more observant of knowledge. Very satisfying.

Hope I have more time on generating content, be a cross-culture bridge. By the way, I think I really hate organizing a conference, but I’m still arranging them after all this time. Fine, I’m still in the confusion.

Ah, I learned a new sentence today, from a Nervos newcomer Dilligaf: “I’m on the edge on my seat to participate in the token Generation Event.”

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