Inspired by Community

I’m so excited to see RustCon Asia prepared, we will hurry up for all of the other works soon. I love the first blog “Hello, Asia” from Ana, finally we can annouce this moment soon. Enjoying in working on something together.

It’s just a start. Everything will speak by it’s own. Show the code, and move forward. Hello, world!

Next step

As a non-developer, I will work on things to help with smooth experience and support from different channels, which including sponsorships and business partners. They will be the ones go forward together, build the Rust community together.

We have so many things and information to share with the world, we can not wait to share. And we also welcome global communities and happy that we supported by them all around the world. The community should be and will be physically distributed and inner connected.

Cultures should help with community growing but not isolate. There exists standard as well as diversity. That’s why it’s amazing.

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