Stay Foolish and Practice More

I got a problem with PayPal today because only a business account has access to collecting money. So I uploaded files as PayPal required, then wait. At the same time, or Eventbrite cannot connect to the just register but still limited account, everything seems stoped as well as the horrible VPN. On the other side, our bank and revenue office also need filing, sounds so complex.

My colleagues were so excited when they heard the payment problems, said, we also accept token, let them pay by Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s a great use case! Well, I think so too, unfortunately, the RustCon audience may not even know token, lol, that would be even more complex.

Maybe it not worth me to take a whole day on that, and I wasn’t feeling well on the process. Even colleagues suggested that may consider Peer to Peer payment way, which works, but it’s not a scaling way.

Things I did today is not only for this conference, but also for the next global conference, and the next one. If I can clear obstacles away earlier, why not? Just do so. All efforts devoted by people will turn to be organizational assets.

Twitter is great for communications

I enjoyed public conversations, others are free to join in and out. No interruption. It would be nice if people share thoughts more often but not complain (as I did today), let people see you, then connect without any pressure.

Great minds are alike. By providing useful content and worth implementing ideas, there is no way to be bored, people will finally meet. And Twitter is connecting me to friends who are not physically around but feeling close. I’m happy with that. Delightful.

Learn from people around

It’s always relaxing and fun to talk to Mike. I asked him why Jamie Dimon is so confusing, that told public crypto is a scam, but now said JPMCoin is a new standard. Is that all and only because of money?

He agreed, said banks felt threatened by an emerging technology class. Many have been afraid that they were being left behind. Also, it would be an expensive lesson for Dimon just to learn. That’s the history of money and banking. Always has been, always will be.

Talking to him makes me feel like a pupil, he must see lots of stories before and still turn to be the honest one. Stay true to the original self.

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