Chocolate Day Today

Jokes for today

Daniel asked everybody that, did you get roses today? You know, even the trash can out there got roses. Chris finally realized that he should sell roses but not Ethereum cards on this special day. I just can not stop laughing.

A man posted a moment which said, “Dear, let’s buy a bitcoin today for celebration. Then we keep passwords half separately, that you keep the public key, I keep the private key. If we broke up someday, this bitcoin will stay on blockchain together.” Sounds no problem and even romantic, right? I’m sure only crypto folks can get the point. lol. It’s like HODL.

But Coinbase proposes that people back up encrypted keys on Google Drive and iCloud is a real big joke.

A traditional one, someday you will meet a girl, she doesn’t need your car, your house or even your diamond, and she doesn’t need you.

A real one, my friends said they could not understand my Wechat moments already. Then my colleague replied to me, congratulations for the hard fork in your life! Yea, it’s great!

What I learned

Sighed up a new twitter handle, which via a new register email, because my former emails are used for too many accounts(sounds reasonable)

After I changed the age, the account was locked immediately, that I need a photo number for verification. That comes to another problem that my phone numbers also used for too many accounts that are not available for the verification. So I borrowed my colleague’s phone for it. and changed to an older age. Maybe as a friend said, Twitter is designed for human beings but not for organizations, although it works very well.

An annoying thing is I have been always facing the problem with password mistakes, which is actually my problem. After I reset Protonmail’s password, the former messages are shown as encrypted that unavailable for reading. They will be only decrypted once I can finally find the former password. Interesting.

As business communication starts with the new year work, I can not manage my time totally as in holidays. I planned to finish my rust article today but couldn’t have one minute on it. Articles are very important, it’s our long lasting value, worth to pay more attention and do efforts on them.

I will focus on how to generate content more often and plan my daily work with a buffer. Can’t wait to see how the result will be three months later.

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