Thinking of Community Building

Online operating is difficult. After three of my colleagues at Nervos quit the online operating job, I started to do it on my own. I think we must put too much hope as well as pressure on one person before.

What I saw from other communities

There is no perfect community in the world, different communities are growing in diverse ways with all ages. We could not find a proved use case to learn from totally. But we still can find something valuable worth learning.

Most of the projects have their own forums and Reddit subchannels as a default. Reddit and forum are more content oriented, which are better to contain abundant content and knowledge if it grows well. I subscripted a lot of subchannels, but only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency keep producing content actively. By the way, one post a day at least in Nervos channel at the moment.

There are also other channels for questions and answers that interactive directly. The main three channels are Discord, Slack, and Telegram. Discord and Slack are more likely for discussion with various topics which showed in numerous channels, they are a better platform for concurrently discussions, for example, workshop and hackathon supports. Whereas not a lot of people talk in telegram groups, except for token price prediction and discussions. Telegram is more like a place for experience sharing, it seems much suitable for token sale. I deleted hundrunds of bots and spammers in Nervos Telegram groups.

What are the problems of our community

Nervos core team is too geeky that only talk in languages that for technical folks. People in the community do not understand. Nervos original articles are truly difficult to understand, the team assumed people already understand the internet, blockchain and cryptoeconomics. No wonder only researchers can talk to them in the end.

It’s just too obviously there is a huge gap between our audience and Nervos core team. Besides, we do not do that advertisement-like marketing to our community. As a result, people have interests in us, but do not know how to talk to us — there is no basic information or topics for others. Except “when moon”.

What do we need to do

We had many meetings on storytelling these days, and we keep working on writing stories for Nervos, which means talking in “human beings” language. There are still lots of problems need to be solved, for instance, we need to go further and deeper into the crowd, to look back to ourselves from their angles. Everybody needs to be engaged.

On the other hand, we also need to prepare plenty of basic bite-sized information of Nervos and blockchain, which may easier to be reached. It’s a long term education with the content creating and value adoption.

Nervos community in the future should be a result of our proof of work, that we provide blocks, the community builds itself from these very basic materials. It absolutely will be hard. But once a conversation starts, the community will grow as a real.

To be honest, I have no idea how to make it, just keep trying.

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