What kind of communication does an organization need?

Everybody knows happiness and outputs both are important to an organization. A well-grown organization will benefit everybody back in the long run.

I do respect that, managers need to care more about others’ body language and their tone of voice for gathering better information, as well as harmonious atmosphere.

What if people work remotely in the future, which no longer confined to their offices or locations. And also people need their own independent space, not only for concentration but also for emotional relaxing. Do you care or can you care enough of their emotions?

Let’s go back to the point, does it help with efficient productivity in that way? Is there any better way for more deliverable and people’s self-achievement? Which brings a long term benefit for an organization?

As we already know that, for better work deliver, we measure outputs but not time spent in the office(or in front of the screen). It’s no longer a kindergarten anymore, as people are mature enough to take the responsibilities of their own.

I think true communications are built on the respect of people’s individual free will. Long lasting enjoyment is hidden in the pain of growing. People will enjoy the journey of approaching the inner selves.

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