Daily Log Helps

I started to take a daily log during Chinese new year holidays, detailed in hours. The result turned out to be not good, but fortunately, it helped me find out where my time slipped away.


First of all, social media is the best way of wasting time without notification. I thought it just part of my daily work, that I need to spend at least 2 hours on Twitter and Reddit. Then things always result in more than 20 pages opened waiting to be read, which makes me nervous all the time. Finally, my screen turns to be a nerver-end to-do list.

After read so many articles, I could not summarize anything about what I learned from these articles. And it’s not the content’s problem, it because I didn’t really read, I didn’t absorb any pieces of knowledge. So there is no way for me to build a structure or knowledge map in my mind. The studying way was inefficiency.

Another problem is, it is difficult to concentrate on a task with a phone beside me. People are avoiding real work, once it needs me to pay more attention to something detail or think deep on something, I start to touch my phone. And maybe I got a message a notification just then, so a conversation begins.

By the way, my friends are too sweet. I am happy to talk to them, even happier after chatting with them. I like the collision of different minds and cultures.

So, I start to keep a work log at the office from today. Do the top priority work in the morning, put a clock for social media works. Work without a phone besides when I need to concentrate. Let’s see what will happen two weeks later.

Some fresh air I got during the holidays

  • A European friend uses a VPN for drug dealing. Of course, it’s his joke.
  • Protonmail, for encrypted emails, for privacy.
  • f.lux helps to protect your eyes from blue light that comes from the monitor and helps to reduce the eyes stress.
  • Beautiful photos of Berlin and Rome.
  • Disconnect your daily routine sometimes helps you in focusing more.

At last, I found that even Brian’s seems-boring work log is interesting.

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