Creating Useful Content

I don’t think anybody cares about your daily life, including your partner. Do you think anybody would check your update every day? People either subscript a source(if you are a one), or just a quick look on blog/news platform, check yours if it’s on his/her stream, just like check twitter.

Think about this harsh reality, then do the real work. Start to provide content with value, either thoughts or knowledge, or something fun. I believe everyone can do it in the right direction. People know that we may not make it so well at the very beginning, but nobody knows the result of creation. We can not enjoy the fruits of success without managing the tiring and maybe painful process, which are neither easy nor challenging. Well, just don’t underestimate the consequences of where you waste your time.

8 year ago, I learned to make a high-quality espresso by practicing making around 30 double espressos every day for a month or two; I also made about 4 cakes per day for a month and learned how to bake. It turned out that I got real fans for my coffee and cakes. Another unexpected result was that customers also had the ability to identify other coffee and cake qualities, which helped them to find their favorite ones.

Even though I should do writing earlier, but still never too late to start anything. Keep practicing.  Keep practicing. At least for establish a good habit. People need to be inspired by people around them, try to be that role model.

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