Blogging for brave

It’s so nice writing in front of the window and listening to the rain.

Thoughts on donation

I thought about donations again this morning after I saw some personal and organization websites as well as and their products. To me, it seems like a totally different lifestyle. After I donate only 10 Euros to Protonmail, I have been thinking of it for days. The donation is an easy way to support things you like, you would be naturally happy when you feel helped.

Since most of the open source projects are supported by different foundations, contributors can get their basic salary (if it works well). Part of blockchain projects is doing it the same way, that pay for all the contributions to involve talents.

I heard that the main developer of Grin project could not get enough donation from the community for his development work. And there are some other contributors still working on asking for protection, either financially or psychology. This must be a horrible part of it, which nobody wants.

I wondered this group of people must love the freedom a lot, they don’t want to follow the ordered lives decided by others, they want to control their lives, they are the owner of themselves. Freedom is entirely irresistible. Then some people make decisions and take the challenges from lives. I respect it a lot and would like to give it a go someday, just work on the goal.

Friends I chatted recently

An interesting thing is, I can never feel physical distance or timezone problem with any friends, we talk online via different IM apps or interacted from a couple social media channels. All streams are just too smooth, which I couldn’t believe it six months ago.

The scenarios are totally like on a blockchain network, which allows people to join and quit freely. Nobody forces you anything, you manage your daily schedule, asynchronous with friends and newcomers. Really interesting. It will be the new lifestyle soon, lol.

Things I learned today

Just practice, be brave. Though I am already brave enough I guess, see another blog is my new trial!

Oh, I edited a video today, although only cut off the start and the end parts, however, it was the first time I edit a video. Hoo!

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