Recap my 2018 in the blockchain world

I jumped in the blockchain world in July 2018, it was already very late for someone keeps working in a technical area. I comfort myself that it’s never too late to start a life long career.

What I did and involved in 2018:

Media connecting for private sale news, and kept helping with online promotion works;
Started Blockchain Dev Meetup every Wednesday evening from August, with two Rust Dev Sharing included;
Involved in City Nervos Meetup sometimes;
Organized a closed-door meetup in Shanghai, with AlphaWallet;
Participated in RustFest Rome as a sponsor;
Involved in Digital Card Charity on Christmas and Chinese new year;
Started to grow Reddit and Twitter for Nervos in one month.

The most exciting thing is the building global communities, although it just started not too long. However, you can already find that brilliant people care. Moreover, I can see that we are still on the early age of the cryptoeconomics innovation. Researchers try to find solutions, and engineers implement them. I am as a connector to other people, need to learn very fast and help others to understand the near future. At least, help people play with it.

Cryptoeconomics is not easy; even we can find unnumbered articles and papers online, and lots of 101 courses, which made people spoilt for choice. Nobody is professional on the whole hug topic from every aspect. At last, it takes a much longer time to get hands-on to start. I am full of confidence in it.

Things I wanted to do in the last six months but I didn’t do:

Finish a microeconomics book;
Finish Mastering Bitcoin.

Things I plan to do in the next six month:

Invest effort and attention in communities in Europe;
Read four academic papers and share the notes on my blog;
Generate bite-size information for newcomers;
Organize RustCon in China.

For better routine:

Blogging every week;
An education story every month;
Keep healthy.

I would like to read more about economics to train my brain, its interesting. We will see what happens six months later.

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