Leave Wechat aside

Nobody expects that the personal Wechat turn to be a LinkedIn-like combined facebook-like app.

People post beautiful photos, business products, different kinds of promotions on their moments. People send messages to business partners for details checking, which is convenient to share fat content, such as locations, other contacts, stickers, and even money transfer. People also can share their private screenshots, photos, videos and articles which helps you with buying more lifestyle.

At the same time, Wechat also stands as a wallet for people, which is much convenient to open and pay on the way of texting messages. You can do all the daily life things in Wechat, except peace. Maybe that’s the reason for its popularity.

I do not believe people have any privacy in China. Once mobile apps keep tracking everything about you to generate Big Data, to optimize their AI technology, but do not help with solving any real problems in daily life. Simple example, that people cannot find their phones or wallets or stuff back once losing them. But people cannot post any so-called sensitive words on Wechat moment, just filtered, pretty efficient.

After more than 100 groups on my Wechat, which made me miss unnumbered texts without real information, I switched all my private messages to Signal, Threema, and email, only use Wechat for work now, either for business chat or promotion on moments.

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